Facebook to introduce facial recognition for account recovery


to introduce facial recognition for account recovery.

Recently Apple launched a facial recognition feature in the latest i-phone series mobile phone i-phone X. Now Facebook is following the footsteps to introduce  a facial recognition feature for account security and recovery.

Facebook is testing this feature to help users unlock their account using facial recognition.The old form of authentication of users will soon accompany with this feature for those users who are locked out of their account.The facial recognition authentication is optional and can be used only on devices which users have been using to log in.



Past few years facebook has tried many ways to help users recover their locked account.In some cases it asks to identify photos of your friends to prove your identity.Also ,facebook allowed to make a group of few “trusted friends” who will receive a code when you are locked out of your account and then you can have that code from your friends to gain access to your locked account.

Facebook told Techcrunch recently,“We are testing a new feature for people who want to quickly and easily verify account ownership during the account recovery process. This optional feature is available only on devices you’ve already used to log in. It is another feature, alongside two-factor authentication via SMS, that were taking to make sure account owners can confirm their identity.”

Also facebook is obviously going to take care of Privacy concerns while using this feature,so it will be a most preferable choice for most of the users who are locked out of their account. Facebook’s facial recognition will be a great feature for those who might not be able to receive a two step authentication SMS or if user loses access to his account.


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