Apple iPhone with 5G modems :Apple working with intel



Where we all know that 5G is not launched and there is still time to set 5G as a standard, Apple is planning to make the next iPhones ready for 5G technology.Apple is working with intel to embed Intel’s 5G modem chips in Apple iPhones.It seems that Apple may soon break the relationship with Qualcomm completely¬† as it is being strained more now.

Apple has already used a combination of Qualcomm and intel chips in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.Also notably Apple has started using intel chips since iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.As relationship is soaring further due to “fraudulent royalty charges” and “patent infringement” allegations against each other,Apple may completely reject the supply of Qualcomm chips for future iPhones.This may be a good sign for Intel as a business opportunity.

Currently Qualcomm 5G modems are more advanced than Intel modems,but as per news sources thousands of Intel employees are working to improve it’s 5G modem chips to be ready for future market.Intel first announced its 5G modem at Consumer Electronics Show 2017.Also recently Intel has completed a 5G call with 28 Ghz band on this chip.

As of now Apple is using Intel chips for T-mobile and forphones which are compatible with AT&T network where Qualcomm sourced parts are being used for phones used by Verizon and Sprint customers.

¬† should soon appear as the 5G technology is almost set to launch in most of the countries.5G launch in India is expected by 2020 so India may also start using the new Apple 5G phone with Intel’s magic at the same time with rest of the world.Once Apple starts using 5G modems in iPhone, should be capable of connection speed of 1 Gigabits per second.News sources suggest that Intel may start supplying 5G chips to iphones by 2019 or 2020.


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