5G launch in India by 2020 : Nokia collaborates with Airtel and BSNL for 5G in India

5G launch in India by 2020

5G launch in India by 2020

5G launch in India

India is set to be 5G ready by 2020.Yes! While most of us are still in the hype of 4G network with an average speed of around 14 to 15 mbps(as per the news on Gadgetsnow), Nokia has announced a collaboration with Airtel and BSNL to set up fifth generation , . Many countries have kept an eye on 5g launch in India

Sources said :

Sanjay Malik, Head of India, Nokia told Business Standard (One of the Leading business sites of India),

“We have signed several memorandum of understanding (MoUs) with Bharti to collaborate on a strategic roadmap for network evolution to standards and the management of connected devices. With BSNL, we have partnered to develop a 5G ecosystem in the country and will jointly conduct 5G demonstrations and develop relevant and unique use cases to provide ultra-high-speed and ultra low-latency network to its subscribers,”

5G technology in India will definitely give boost to all Indian businesses.India is aiming to set a broadband infrastructure with 5G technology which will cover 100% of Urban areas with 10GBPS speed. While launching 3G,4G technologies,India was lagging behind,but with 5G, india has already caught the train and is competing with the rest of the world to launch it by the same period.Indian ministries has already set a budget of Rs 500 crore for the R&D in 5G.

Indian government has already set up a high level panel on 26th September,2017 to make he 5G rollout effective by 2020.Manoj Sinha,Telecom Minister said, “We can’t be behind in 5G when many other countries are going on 5G technology. With this forum, India too will be successful in launching 5G by 2020”.

He also added, “The primary goals of the forum are to achieve early deployment of and a globally competitive product development and manufacturing ecosystem targeting 50 per cent of the Indian market and 10 per cent of the global market over the next 5-7 years,”

5G technology :Global : List of countries adopting 5G technology

The race for 5G launch has already begun considering the global market.All world is eying on ‘which country will be the first to adopt 5G technology ‘ .There are already few countries who have announced the 5G launch post 2018 or 2019 and Indian has also joined the ‘ list of countries adopting 5G technology soon‘ on 26th September.The ongoing work of the world on 5G technology can be checked here.

5G mobile phones in India and usage :

5G mobile phones

5G mobile phones in India

Indian consumers are also waiting for experiencing the lightening speed of 5G network and have started looking for information of 5g mobile phones which should launched may be within next 2-3 years.As of now Virtual reality,Augmented reality features are not so common for common public,but with 5G technology it should become a part of day today work and will be more enjoyable with the .

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